I went for a walk with H the other day, trying to find a cobbler I’d seen somewhere between Xintiandi and Xujiahui Lu, we found him eventually on fuxing lu, close to xizang lu I think, but I wasn’t convinced, for 550RMB you get some pretty basic looking shoes, I’m going to keep looking  (reason being I’m looking for some Oxford cap toe shoes to go with my new suit, everything I’ve tried off the shelf so far doesn’t fit, I’ve got hobbit feet).

Anyway, while walking round we came across this place (below), which I’m sure I’ve seen before but never really paid any notice, it’s at 76 Fuxing Zhong Lu (near Xizang Lu)

It’s pretty small inside, the “museum” is probably only around 3m x 3m and has a large range of old locks on the wall. Now I’m not the sort of person who gets excited about locks so I didn’t really take a closer look, but maybe you ARE the sort of person who gets off on locks, in which case you might think this is worth checking out (and possibly consider some kind of counselling)

The front wall of the shop is, wait for it, a key cutting service (the excitement never stops at Dingle Speaks!!). Again, if you’re the sort of person who gets off on keys and locks you’ve probably dropped everything at this point and are rushing over to Fuxing Zhong Lu, GET SOME HELP!!

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