So I wandered out of my hotel for breakfast this morning (thanks uncle Ronald!) and was surprised to see a Paul Newman style old Mustang driving past, on the way back an old porsche passed me and then a 1960′s Alfa Romeo. By the time I got back to my hotel the street was full of them, it turned out there was a classic car event called Coppa Di Tokyo (2010) right outside my hotel door.

I wandered round taking a look at some of the cars I used to dream about as a marvellous young chap (I’d still not discovered girls), cars I’d completely forgotten about, brands I’d forgotten existed. But then I remembered the time I bought a 1971 1302S volkswagen beetle and swore never to buy a car older than 5 years old ever again. I like my comforts you see, air conditioning, power assisted steering, ABS etc and driving round in my beetle during winter, wrapped as though I was about make for the arctic circle, wrenching the steering wheel at every corner, virtually standing on the brakes to make it stop, bouncing around on the vinyl seat and stopping every hour or so to clear a blockage in the fuel line put me off them for good, give me a 2 year oldVauxhall Vectra with air con, decent sound system, ABS, comfy seats and I’ll be more than happy, still there’s always those sunny sunday afternoons when i could be a little more flexible… hmm… no, you know what, I’ve spent enough time under the beetle on the freezing garage floor, gashing my knuckles trying to undo rusted up bolts to last me a lifetime, I’ll stick to the Vectra!

How cars should look

What 50 years of advancements have given us

Anyway, it was raining, so I didn’t stay long, I wanted to get back to my nice comfy hotel room and leave the real enthusiasts to it, they’re used to hardship..

Here’s some more pics: