Before my trip to the Philippines I knew nothing about Philippino / Filipino (which is correct, I’m damned if I know??) food, but after my trip I can look back and say that all in all it was excellent (if it didn’t consistently take so damn long to arrive), although curiously the holiday was a week of the greyest, most plasticiney turds of my entire 28 years. The first time I looked into the pan it looked as though a careless bricklayer had dropped great daubs of cement into the pan or a nearby potters wheel had flung off nuggets of clay. I’m digressing, but let me tell you that after 2 days back in China I’m on the mend but the colour has returned to normality quicker than the consistency.

Some Philippino food we ate. Sisig at the back right, something porky at the front (or maybe beefy) and something prawny at the top left.

ANYWAAAY.. Philipino food! Right, yeah it was delicious, distinctly Asian but with clear western influences (blah blah blah, I read that on the internet you know, it’s all the same to me), Bulalo (beef joint stew) could have easily been something I’d eat in Europe without suspecting it was “foreign muck”. My favourites were Chicken/Pork Adobo (chicken stewed in vinegar/soy sauce), I’m going to have a go on this one at home I reckon (I’ll let you know if the cement comes back)!; Bulalo (as above); Pork Tocino – pretty much tastes like pork fried in syrup; Sisig – taste it before you find out what it is (SPOILER ALERT – it’s pig’s ears), when it’s cooked right it’s amazing, like pork crackling in a delicious spicy sauce; and finally Halo Halo (dessert). I can’t remember what else we ate now but pretty much everything we had was delicious, oooh I just remembered this roast pork dish with proper crackling on the outside, hmmmmmmmmmm..

Some kind of character from popular Philipinno culture, while eating, probably McSisig

“Halo Halo??” you say, yes, Halo Halo! This has got to be the weirdest dessert I’ve ever seen but strangely addictive. Basically you order Halo Halo and the chef gets a big bowl and chucks in a spoonful of absolutely everything from his store cupboard (fruit/sweets/crème caramel/beans/jelly/ice cream/custard etc). He then covers the lot in shaved ice and pours evaporated milk over the top. The thing is a feast for two people at minimum, even without a meal beforehand and I’ve got to say, it were proper good despite my initial reluctance to try!

How Halo Halo looks according to the internets – a photographers dream

Halo Halo in real life – a bowl of Augustus Gloop’s vomit

Hmm, does anyone know any good Filipino restaurants in Shanghai?