We had a nightmare getting a flight from Ahmedabad to New Delhi this morning, we got to the airport an hour before departure to be met with the most enormous series of queues. First we had to queue to get into the airport (via the first security checkpoint), then we had to queue to get our bags pre-inspected prior to getting into the check-in area, then we had to queue to check in, then we had to join the biggest queue I’ve ever seen (I’d guess 3 or 400 people) to get through to the departures lounge. We only just made it through the gate at the time the plane was supposed to depart but there were many people for our flight behind us, so we figured we’d be safe.

We got to the gate and were shepherded onto a bus outside, I was surprised to note there was a Kingfisher plane sitting right in front of the gate, about 20 metres away in front us, couldn’t be ours though right? Wrong, we sat on the bus for 15 minutes waiting for people to get on, then it did a U-turn and parked in front of the plane across the tarmac… I thought this kind of thing only happened in China!!! (Oh, I forgot to mention, we sat on the plane for another hour waiting for everyone to get through security).

Anyway, let’s get back to that bus, you know in Shanghai the buses are basically just an empty shell with lapdancing poles which fit about 10,000 passengers? None of that in India, on the Kingfisher bus they’d basically ripped out all the seats and just shoved five large sofas onto the bus, reducing the capacity from 10,000 down to about err… 15.

Dead comfy though!!