I’m in H’s hometown right now for a family celebration (maybe more on this later). Anyway, I saw this marvellous new gadget, which according to H is being used by ‘everyone’ out here.

Why don’t you gaze upon the simplicity of this invention for a while and ponder what it’s used for before clicking on to find out:


I predict a ROSPA award at minimum if the inventor was British

You know when you get in the car, start driving and that really annoying buzzer starts sounding telling you that you don’t have your safety belt fastened. It’s EXTREMELY annoying and not only that, it’s distracting, accidents could clearly happen while you angrily thump the dashboard trying to shut it up.

Or, at least, that was the case until someone invented dummy seatbelt clips, simply plug one into the driver and passenger seat buckles and leave them there to silence that annoying beep forever, increasing safety for everyone!!


Marvellous eh!!!!!!”