If you’re looking to buy Christmas decorations in Shanghai there’s only one place to go, the house of crap* near Yu Gardens.


The house of crap is actually located at 427 Fuyou Lu (Close to Henan Lu) but actually, but the whole area is full of christmas decorations, particularly the corner of Houjia lu and Fuyou lu.


We ended up picking up a 1.8m christmas tree for an unbelievably cheap 35 rmb, a load of sparkly streamers (in the box on the right below) for 3 or 4 kuai each and three bags full of the tackiest junk I’ve ever seen. Total bill to redecorate my apartment – 280 kuai!


Oh yeah, and if you’re in the market for shop dummies, there’s a street nearby that has pretty much every colour, shape and size!



*Following complaints Dinglespeaks acknowledges that “house of crap” is a phrase coined by Nicola J, the wingeing gasbag.