One of the great things about having a blog is that whenever something crap happens, instead of thinking “IT’S JUST NOT FAIR, WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and standing in the corner with your arms folded and bottom lip out for an hour you immediately think “Great!!! something to blog about!”

So, yesterday, when I went for breakfast at Kommune and we sat outside, in the freezing cold chomping down cold limp bacon (all heat was drained from the food instantly the second they brought it outside) I was thinking, “well, this is barely bloggable, what on earth am I going to blog about tomorrow?”.

Thankfully, the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself heard my plight and sent down a bird to sit in the tree over my table and shit on my head and in my coffee as I was picking it up to finish it off..


The hyper-velocity impact created a complex, multi-ring impact basin with ejecta spread over a wide area.*

Unfortunately I automatically wiped it off with my serviette before I realised what I was doing, you can still just about make out the impact site though. Luckily for me it was a sparrow so the actual devastation was quite small!

*Apparent white hairs in the above photograph are an optical illusion