So, Feiyue, the Shanghainese trainers which have been around since 1931 are really trendy at the moment, I won’t bore you with the history (there’s a great blog all about Feiyue if you want to read all about that) but basically some French guys bought the brand and are currently selling them to uber-trendy London/Paris sorts for around 50 euros a pop, the local price is around 20-30rmb . Anyway, I read about a shop at 585 ZunYi Lu yesterday which claims to have a long history with the Top One sports factory that makes Feiyue, so being extremely cheap really trendy I thought I’d check it out.

The shop was easy enough to find, quite close to the Luoshanguanlu station on line 2 (there’s a map here) and is satisfyingly small and dingey.

White Feiyue were around 35rmb, black were cheaper at 28rmb. I also picked up a pair of Warriors and a pair of Top One, can’t remember the exact prices but the total came to 150rmb.

Not only Feiyue but also a fine selection of quilted slippers

Lacing up my warriors (sounds like a euphemism for something, not sure what)

My favourite of the bunch are probably the Warriors, although the quality is questionable, if you look closely at the pic below you can see that some of the lace-guides have fallen out already (they popped out when I first tied the laces), but I guess you can’t expect too much for the price I paid for them.

Currently trying to track down some of these new issue redesigned Warriors, anyone know where I can pick some up?